• After infected by ransomware, users log in shows “You have been logged on with the default profile for the system”, not even creating a new user can fix, what to do?

    1. Copy a file named “NTUSER.DAT” from other folder or other computers with a same OS.
    2. Place it into C:\Users\Default .
    3. If it still doesn’t works, open regedit.exe and direct to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList, try to find the subkey contains a Expandable String Value called ProfileImagePath, If your username is Admin, it should looks something like this C:\Users\Admin. The subkey usually have a extended name called “.bak“, just remove the one doesn’t have it then rename the subkey, remove “.bak”.
    4. You need to Logoff the new user or current user to take effect.

  • OBS Streaming and Laggy but GFE doesn’t

    Have you been troubled recording your games or streaming it leads the picture is laggy and drop frames?

    I did a little research about it, everyone says is the priority problem or didn’t use the NVENC blablabla, even some of it says it’s the hardware problem, I mean HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? My graphics card is 3080 Ti and my CPU is 12900KS and taskmgr did say OBS is using NVENC.

    The problem IS priority, it is Process Priority problem, but more than that.

    The Administrator Priority is higher than the Users group priority, and the games especially those that have Anti-cheat programs usually run in administrator, here’s the fix, go to OBS’s directory, right-click obs64.exe choose Properties, choose Compatibility and Change settings for all users, in the Settings section check “Run this program as an administrator“, Apply, reopen the OBS, it will fix.

  • Reset Jellyfin Server Password without logging in in Linux

    Why reset? Simple, I forgot the password.

    According to https://dietpi.com/forum/t/jellyfin-resest-admin-password/5940

    But slightly different from the path, the config directory is determinant by the user you use to run the Jellyfin for the first time installed, in my case I executed Jellyfin in /root , so the path will be /root/.config/jellyfin.

    • Go to .config/jellyfin
    • Run vi system.xml
    • Change IsStartupWizardCompleted to false

    Be mind that doing this will restart the Startup Wizard that will clear-up all your configurations you made from previous, doing this won’t delete your media but reconfiguring IS a suffering job.